Professional Negotiation Services

Are you looking to close a major deal and need help negotiating the final outcome?

Do you need assistance in negotiating a settlement with someone or for something in your business?

Are you  facing legal action and want to avoid the cost of lawyers and protracted legal action?

If you answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then we may be able to help you.

Professional and Corportae negotiation services

Negotiation is a skill that, like any other skill in life, is learned over time. You can learn to negotiate but, sometimes, you don’t have the time, effort or energy to do the research and training that is required to make you a great negotiator.

Sometimes, the negotiation is too important to handle yourself and you want to leave it to a professional and, sometimes, you are just too emotional or too close to the situation to be able to negotiate effectively, and the only way to negotiate a fair and reasonable settlement is to bring in an independent, outside party to negotiate for you.

Well, here at Professional Negotiation Services that’s exactly what we do!

Professional and Corporate Negotiation Services

Some negotiations are fairly straight forward – the sale or purchase of a major item (office, plant and machinery, bulk office equipment etc); some are quite emotional – dealing with staff leaving, separation of business partners; and some are quite complex – dealing with banks and debt collectors but all negotiations can benefit from the wisdom and experience of an independent, professional negotiator. We have trained professional negotiators who can assist you in all of these areas, and more.

So, why not contact us and give us a brief summary of what your situation is, and we will get back to you with some ideas of what we can do to help you. Our rates are extremely reasonable, considerably less than a lawyer or accountant would charge you and, although we are not licensed legal or financial advisors, we often know much more about “the system” than they do anyway because they are just general lawyers or accountants, and we specialise in “knowing your rights” in all areas.

We can also provide exceptional business coaching services through our contact at Success Coaching International which you may also find valuable and of great benefit to your business.

Professional and Corporate Negotiation Services

And, if you are looking for assistance with personal related negotiations, please be sure to visit our other website –

To find out how we can assist you, please feel free to contact us and we will get straight back to you.